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Legend of the Blue Ninja X Tidal Chronicles: Chapter 0. Prologue

Within the world of Mana, there exists 4 heroes of light, The water ninja Zac, the kitsune red mage Hayden, the duel mace-wielding female paladin Percival, and the bloodstained rapier-wielding dhampir Mara. Each of these heroes are linked to one of the four elemental crystals, Zac being linked to water, Hayden being linked to fire, Percival being linked to earth, and Mara being linked to wind. However....this story doesn't follow all of them, just the water ninja himself...

Within a canyon area, the blue haired ninja was fighting the lightning archdemon Baal. A major thunderstorm started because of the fight, both of them were taking major damage from each other, with Zac soon cutting Baal's arm clean off with a water shuriken. The archdemon grabbed his wound and fell to the ground.

Zac: "one shall stand, one shall fall."

Baal: "oh shut up and end me already!"

Zac: "Goddamn it, you ruined the mood."

Baal: "I'm an archdemon, do you think I care?! Besides, you fell into my trap anyways."

Zac: "say what now?"

Baal: "You heard me, this thunderstorm that I made changing the energy of the area so that I can make a portal to another universe. Once there, me and my monster army will take over and I will be the ruler of it all!"

The archdemon started to laugh, his eyes glowing an ominous shade of purple. Zac looked at the one armed archdemon with a blank expression.

Zac: ".......*sigh* Look, I understand that you and the other four archdemons are suppose to be threatening, but your plan sounds made up. Like seriously, how could this make a portal appea-."

Zac's emblem started to flash and soon a giant portal appeared. Zac was shocked, he now understood why it was a trap, Baal was using his summoning abilities for evil.

Baal: "you fool, now I can take over a world of my own and you cannot stop me-....wait, what are you doing?"

Zac: *halfway though portal* "going into the portal and thwarting your plans, why wouldn't I?"

Zac goes into the portal and now Baal was left there...smirking. He knew this was going to happen, he wasn't that stupid. Baal called upon his strongest warriors and go up, reattaching his arm in the process. The archdemon approached the portal along with a few mysterious beings, ready to take over this new world....Tidal.

* a mysterious forest*

Zac laid in a bed of flowers, passed out. It was a while before he began to regain cautious, his eyes slowly opened and weakly sat up before looking around. He was confused by his surroundings, nothing looked familiar to him.

Zac: ".....wh......where am I?.............."

And so......a new journey begins....

LBN X Tidal Chronicles: Chapter 0
this is a collab with tanaka74

However, the prologue is my creation. following chapters will be in between the both of us
I might be adding a new character to the blog, stay tuned

(Also, they will be female)

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If you can play a female character, plz contact me.

(Note: the character that will worship said feet is shy, so use that to your advantage.


United States
Welcome to the blog where I make a smol blue haired ninja go on comedic adventures where he either gets seduced by a female warrior (or monster girls) or is seduced by a girl's sweaty feet......though both can occur. So prepare yourselves for a RP blog that specializes in Foot Fetish related RPs (smelling, licking, sucking, those things) with a single Male muse. I'll add more in the future.

So please RP with me before my notes get full of so many tumbleweeds that they create their own society


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